Design Process

Our Purpose is to help you cut through the jargon & preconceived complexity of design & execution of the project. We will guides you through the entire process from ideas to design & concept to completion.

Vision Driven

Constraints / Opportunity Analysis


Design Iteration & 3D Modeling​

Project Documentation

Recommend Verified Vendors & Service Providers

Delivering Commercial Value

Project Management

Defining the project deliverables

We start every project by understanding the vision and values of our clients and define the project deliverables. It’s the clarity of purpose & ambition of the clients that define every design decision that we take through the lifecycle of the project.

Analyze the constraints

It is paramount for us to understand the quality and needs of the space within which we work. The study of topography, Views, regulations, budgets, etc. all form part of the understanding and framework of the design evolution.

Collaborate with experts in the relevant fields to bring out the best solutions

Advancement in technology has created specialized skill set for different aspects of design, demanding interdisciplinary thinking. We bring in the design passion while leading the  integrated teams of consultants who are experts in relevant fields like Structures, HVAC, automation, etc. to enhance the design through shared knowledge. 

Preparation of 3D views & study models to test the design solutions ​

Design is an iterative process, and we love the challenge of mastering new design constraints by adding constant value until we arrive at the perfect solution. This is where our experience kicks in to achieve the desired design with minimal iterations – saving time & cost. We employ a variety of tools in this exploration – from hand sketches and digital modeling to full scale detail mock-ups.

Preparation of construction documents that form the blue print of the project.

The complexity of all the design solutions is compiled into drawings using drafting and modeling softwares. Construction documents form the blue print of the project, which convey the design intent and details to all the stakeholders of the project.

Recommend verified vendors & service providers

Any design is merely a design until it is executed to the best quality and workmanship using the best in class materials. We recommend competent vendors based on their tested execution and delivery capabilities.

Ensure the best commercial value is delivered to the client

A Rupee saved is a Rupee made. We ensure that the best commercial value is delivered to the client by recommending efficient products and solutions in addition to transferring vendor discounts.

Periodic project monitoring & quality control at site

Each project demand high levels of coordination and supervision for the precise execution of the design. Periodic site visits by our us minimizes construction bottlenecks ensuring timely completions & quality control of the projects.

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